Sports 3D Training

Welcome to Javi6 Studios, 3D Sports Interactive Training. The first 3D instructional training tool of it’s kind. This will be a training tool that you have never experienced before. In any sport, it is extremely critical to know where every part of the body is positioned within each individual technique. You will be fully immersed within this 3d training experience, just as if you are in the scene. This type of training benefits the viewer by allowing the viewer to observe from every angle possible. Please be patient while we are in a continuous process of building our sports training library. If there is a specific sport you would like to see, please contact us at [email protected]

Our goal is to bring the highest quality of sports training to the market. Visual stimulation is the key to learning and absorbing information at it’s highest form. Javi6 Studios has created a way of taking your learning experience to a whole new level. This training technique allows the student to absorb and fully retaining the information which is presented.

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